Business Websites

Get your business in the lime light with a Business Website!

Paid or Free Business Websites

If you do not have a business website you are potentially missing out on thousands of online customers. If you need a business website, you can get a free website through a company that we have partnered with called (Webnode). They offer free and paid business websites.

If you want customization and/or help contact a tech advisor: (413) 655-1718

Paid Versions are $100.00 hosting per year (Domains are $12-15 per year)

Paid business websites will give you your own business identity and brand!

This comes with your own custom domain and all Webnode Ads removed

For paid websites simply register your e-wallet within the mobile app and click on add money. The amount to be added should be determined after discussing your options with a technical advisor from the IFCL App Team.

All paid websites will be up and running within 4-5 business days after you have added money to your e-wallet from within your mobile app.

Click here for hosting and domain